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Title WoW private server Freakz

New to WoW private server Freakz? Transfer your character here from your old wow private server FOR FREE.

Info about upcoming Legion content / mechanics / events:

- Mounts / pets achievements transfer from MoP to Legion - info will be posted in ~1 week (transfers will also begin around that time too) 

- PvE situation - The Arcway & Vault of the Wardens dungeons + Elerethe Renferal @ Emerald Nightmare are almost done, need final fixes and tests. Karazan development is in progress.

 - PvP Season - The PvP Season is not officialy started yet, we want to make sure classes are somewhat balanced before starting it. If everything is ok, we'll start it in 2 weeks 

- Warforged / Titanforged - The system is almost done, will hopefully be live in a couple of days wow private server 

- Class Campaigns - Since the quest chains for each class are extremely long and require a lot of scripting, it will be a while until we'll have them, but we plan on releasing the first part (champions/followers quests) for each class very soon. We might also consider enabling 3rd relic slot upon completing the first part of the chain 

- Legendary items - Procs/effects of legendary items are being worked on, hopefully all will be fixed in one week (there are just too many of them, ~150 items)

 - Professions - As you may have already seen a lot them have already received fixes, expect more fixes in the following days 

- Migrations - We will open migrations from other wow private servers to the Legion realm in one week

 - Vote Shop - We'll be enabling more options / items in the vote shop in the following days (WoD/Legion mounts / pets / fun items / transmog gear / etc)

 - WoW Shop - Same as vote shop, we'll enable WoD / Legion options / items in the following days - ... and many more

We can't give exact release dates because we're working on a lot of content and unexpected issues might/will occur for each of them, so please keep in mind there might be unexpected delays for each of those mentioned above, but we'll try to minimalize those delays.

P.S.: If for a second you start doubting us, just check the fixed bug reports on our wow private server.