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When looking at SOULPLAY rsps servers the Landing Page on their website we could see that they spend countless hours working with talented developers.

Having a good first impression is crucial for every SOULPLAY rsps servers, and SoulPlay has succeeded at this. A good website gives the players an idea on how wonderful the server is. There are many servers with a very good landing page and almost every one of have enjoyable content.

We will have a different way of charging items on SOULPLAY rsps servers. Since we do not have saving for item charges, and it would require to convert a shit ton of stuff to add item charges, I decided to just code the charges similar way we have done our zaryte bow and other degradeable items on SOULPLAY rsps servers:

  • Added random chance of degrading toxic items. Chances are 3 out of 15k

  • AntiPoison+ gives 3 minute immunity from venom.

  • Fixed up entering green portals when the portal is locked to one portal only.

  • Fixed CastleWars death bug hopefully. Difficult to try to reproduce so i'm basing on just a tiny bit of information i had to try to fix it.

  • Heal player when kicking the player out of castlewars/soulwars.

  • Added more locations to the area counters, like player count of gambling area and duel arena.

  • Fixed a dumb bug when capturing saradomin flag, it would make zamorak on SOULPLAY rsps server flag safe even if it was captured.

  • Cannot setup barricades on top of dying barricades.

  • Fixed Glory amulet exploit.

  • Entering bank pin can now be done over the keyboard but it is not recommended as it is not safe from keyloggers if you have one on your computer.

  • Julius reduced respawn timers on bosses

  • Fixed the command ::checkdrops

  • Improved clipping on npcs, to remove unnecessary processing time.

  • Fixed summoned npc random walk SOULPLAY rsps servers.

  • Fixed a bug when turning back to normal from ghost in soulwars, it would have no animation on attack.

  • Julius added crafting the Toxic Staff of the Dead by using the magic fang on Staff of the Dead.

Client updates on SOULPLAY rsps server:

  • Fixed player priority drawing.

  • When player is in single combat zone, then the player he attacks will have left click attack on them while everyone else will be shown as left click walk option. This feature is not enabled in multi zones as it might be annoying.

  • Fixed up some bugs with Shift drop activating without holding the shift key.

  • Added combat box on top left corner, to enable it type ::combatbox

  • You must right click on the pet to pick it up now.

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