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Title Rsps servers GrinderScape

GrinderScape rsps servers is the longest active server, over 7 years online offering very high quality content to players, expect to see many unique content available only here at GrinderScape rsps server, because we know what we are doing!

Once player reach level 400 on any class, the command ::resetwg can be used to reset the levels and gain 1 Prestige point.
Prestige points will be used for more things in the future, but for now it increases by 20% the level up reward points for each prestige point that player has.
Meaning that 2 prestige points, players would gain 40% boost on the level up reward.
Dragonbone melee and mage sets are now available at Weapon Game store on rsps servers;
Fighter torso can now be obtained from Weapon Game store, the rarity from drops were increased.
The metal gloves are all untradable.

Hello Guys rsps server,
In an attempt to keep frequent updates, I'm releasing today some new cool features and fixes, Grand Exchange is still under development and will take a long time to test, so in the meantime I want to keep bringing new cool stuff for ya'll.
1. Weapon Game
2. Dragonfire Protection
3. Quick Poll System
4. Hardcore XP grain improvement rsps servers
5. Slayer Reward Shop - Price changes.
6. Key Binding - New feature.
7. Quick Drop - New donator feature.
8. Death Loot - Death loot timer improvements perks.
9. Grave Teleport - New Item.
10. Runecrafting - Item perk improvement.
11. Miscellaneous - Tons of adjustments and fixes.

The Best of GrinderScape rsps servers

Wildy Wyrm

We also have the best and hardest PvM boss you will ever see!

Runecrafting Rework
Runecrafting finally got fun! Check out our UNIQUE runecrafting social training system.
Many rewards are available for training! Skilling finally got worthy!

PK Tournament
The best PK Tournament system, with $200,00 weekly reward! 
Tournament rewards up to TOP-10 position!

Combat System
Our combat system was created from scratch in a project that took several months.
We do our best effort to offer the most flawless combat experience that you will ever find.

Bounty Hunter:
1. We have a very sophisticated bounty hunter system that will match you fair fights.
2  Kill your target to advance your rank and global position which is displayed in real time.
Bank System:
1. Our bank system is the most advanced, dynamic and smooth that you will ever see!
2. You can destroy items, resize both ways and even take a screenshot to make others jealous on rsps servers!