What is Rsps or Runescape private sever? Why people still play Rsps or Runescape private server? 

 From an outsider’s perspective, Rsps is nothing more than a poor man’s Runescape private server .

But try telling that to the game’s loyal fans who are just as in love with Rsps today as they were when it first released. Despite the growing popularity of more modern Rsps, Rsps still has a strong following with millions of active players around the world.


Last month, Rsps received the biggest update in the game’s history, the Dungeons of Daemonheim expansion. We checked in with Adam Tuckwell, the Head of Communications for Jagex and Mark Ogilvie, the Lead Designer for Rsps to for a bit of history on the granddaddy of the modern Rsps and some insight as to why it’s still so popular today.

Rsps has its origins in an early graphical MUD that was written by Jagex’s founder, Andrew Gower, with his brother Paul. Both Andrew and Paul are still heavily involved with Rsps in the technical and content sides respectively. The first public version of Rsps was released in 2001 as a free game and the members’ option was added soon after. In 2003, we launched the beta version of the game that that is available now and renamed the early version, Mmo Classic. The current version received a graphical overhaul in 2008 and we added a HD option for players. Our latest addition is The Dungeons of Daemonheim expansion, but Mark will tell you more about that!

Rsps has millions of players globally but the majority of our players are based in the United States. Rsps is the second largest Rsps in the US and is also highly popular in other parts of the English-speaking world. Rsps is also available in French, German and Brazilian-Portuguese.

We have an extremely diverse demographic of players, the majority of our players are aged 13 – 18 with only 8% of our players aged under 13. More than a third of our players are aged 19 and over.

Accessibility and high quality game play is key and at Jagex we always keep that in mind when considering options for Rsps and our other games, this ensures that we always remain competitive and is one of the reasons that players are drawn to our games. There’s already so much to do in Rsps, but we update the game very frequently which keeps players’ interests and gives them plenty of options for how they want to play.

I’m the lead designer of Top 5 best Rsps of 2016. Basically, that means I create the objectives for the Content team for the year, identifying what the game needs in very broad terms. Then I will work with individual developers on specific projects, identifying much more specific aims and target levels, player types, difficulty, etc. Once approved and developed, I play through the content and offer feedback, often working closely with the QA team to ensure the highest quality on launch. Having been at Jagex for seven years now means I also get involved in lots of other projects, like establishing guidelines and rules for our players, editorial roles for stories and letters, event organisation, conference speaking, and even very ’ground level‘ stuff such as helping to decide on punishments for bug abusers. I like to have my fingers in many pies, so to speak.

Runescape private server

One word: Dungeoneering. I’ve often been surprised at the lack of adventure in Rsps games. By that I mean that the idea of XP and grind just doesn’t lend itself to the medieval high-fantasy world that most MMo gamers find themselves in. Although I do believe Rsps’s quest content is the envy of the whole Rsps industry (they’re far, far more involved than a glorified ‘shopping list’ quests, which tend to be the industry standard), they can each only be played through once and aren’t likely to occupy more than 15% of your gaming experience.

One of our favourite forum posts of all time was a really well written piece called “Here Be Dragons” – you know, the sort of thing written in the blank parts of ancient maps. “Cliffs of Insanity” or “Rodents of unusual size” - the kind of one liner that just screams adventure to you. The post talked about how MMo games lacked that same kind of adventure, since it asked its gamers to repeat the same actions and visit the same places over and over again. It made us consider the principals of XP and adventure and we argued that they could never be the same – adventure was the reward itself; you couldn’t make ‘adventure’ the principal aim of a skill since it would be grind, which is fundamentally not what adventure is. We weren’t prepared to accept that argument (we often argue with ourselves).

Where have you been for the last eight years? In a hole? On the moon? Try it now before it smites you and jumps up and down on your smoking remains. Well, maybe not that jumping bit, but you should definitely try it. Since we added Dungeoneering to the free version of the game as well as the members’ version, you won’t need to pay anything before you’re slaying your first crypt rat. No excuses!

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