Top 5 best Rsps  of 2016.

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Top 1 best Rsps is Runique - Can YOU Handle It?

Runique is most popular Rsps in 2016. One of the most popular Rsps with 600 - 1000 players online all day can offer you more then games.

Last updates:

The 20% Christmas Sale on the Store is now over! 

The Seasonal Items have been removed from the Store

The Christmas Quest and Event have been removed 

The Christmas map theme will be removed upon next Client Update 

Adjusted the High Alchemy price of Focus Sigh 

Full Slayer Helmet now has a bonus of +4 Strength 

Zulrah has been enabled again.

All PvP ARMOUR now has the same value as it does in RS. E.G. Vesta's Chainbody is now worth 500,000 Coins upon death. Fixed the safe spots in Godwars Dungeon Bosses. Players were able to take no damage from the bosses due to an error that an old developer implemented.

Our most recent updates include our Beta release of Construction. You can test out Construction at ::market via the purple portal! Get ready for a few new bosses to hit Runique very soon! The release of Hardcore Iron Man is now offical! Hardcore Iron man are now able to buy lives back in exchange for coins. Hiscores have been released! Kind Regards,The Runique Development team

Top 2 on our Top 5 Best Rsps of 2016 server is Near Reality Runescape private server.

Near Reality is a PKing based server that offers a plethora of content for hours of enjoyment. Here at NR we strive to bring you the best gaming experience possible. Our dedicated Development team spends countless hours working on content for your pleasure. What are you waiting for? You can jump right in and be PKing in under 15 minutes on your old accounts or you can take your time and go for one of our unique 200M skilling passives! Begin your adventure NOW!
Old School Graphics
At Near Reality, we know that you care about that OldSchool vibe. We offer players the option to switch from 667 (new) models to 498 (old) models in one swift click! Itching for that old school 'scaper experience? Come and continue your adventure now!
Unique Skilling Passives & Achievements
Are you more of a skiller? We have developed a custom, never before seen experience with 200m skilling passives. Unlock your inner beast and gain boosts by obtaining the combat passives or show your sly side by looting the thieving passive. We also have a unique achievement system that gains new achievements regularly. Can you unlock them all and get the coveted Developer's Cape? 

Top 3 on our list Top 5 best Rsps server of 2016 is Grinderscape RSPS!

Grinderscape is one of the largest RSPS communities with a history going back over 7 years! GrinderScape will offer you many unique features, such content you'll not find anywhere else, everything is original and designed to offer you lots of fun moments. 
Grinderscape has many, many features, some of which are its 20+ bosses and 22 working skills! There are many fun minigames to choose from, along with 2 custom made minigames; Dicing arena and Weapon game! Unlike many other servers, Grinderscape is coded from scratch and 100% original and unique.

Top 4 on our list top 5 best Rsps of 2016 is SoulSplit 3 RSPS !!

The leading #1 RSPS since 2008, we offer unbeatable game experiences. With thousands of active players, 5 worlds across the globe, xp rates you can choose yourself, tons of playable content, active PvP and PvM, Duel Arena, Castle Wars, cross-world clan chat, LootShare, we have it all. And that's just the tip of the ice berg.
Dedicated support, dedicated developers, active community, we strive to thrive. We offer a ticket system and help desk should you encounter issues during your gameplay. If you don't have the time to grind, or you just need an extra boost, you can visit our online shop. Here you can buy various pieces of armour, weapons, skill packs, and more.

Top 5 best Rsps server is DreamScape Rsps !!

Dreamscape was created on October 22nd, 2014. Dreamscape was started in the hands of Giovanni. The server continues to be a custom private server ranging from an assortment of custom bosses, items, npc's and other interesting features to this day. This is a wiki full of all kinds of information that will help you in your conquest while playing Dream-Scape.
Whether you are a new player, or old, the information found on the wiki can help others. Hello dear Dreamscape Community! It's a been a while ago i posted a staff/player updates thread! But yeah here is a new one. We've gotten 2 new staff members and we've gotten some player promotions! 
Our dear member Two Step who's been helping very well lately and who also is very kind to the community! He has been promoted to Helper! Congratulations to you Two Step! We've gotten one more Helper. He just got promoted cause he's been doing a great job aswell! His name is Rhysj and he's been working very hard!
 Congrats to him aswell! We've also gotten some player promotions. Our dear video maker Tixar has been promoted to Youtuber cause he's been making some great videos for our server! We've also gotten a new Trusted Dicer zap1173 Keep the dicezone scam free and roll some dice blocks! 
We've also gotten a new Graphics Designer. His name is Korin. He has been making some great designs for our server and we're happy to have him here! Wish all these great individuals congrats cause they've all been working hard for their ranks!
That is our top 5 best Rsps of  2016, now PLAY RSPS GAME!!

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