Find the top 3 best WoW private server of 2016 for you!

top 3 best WoW private server

Top 1 on our list top 3 best Wow private server is Heroes-Wow server.

Heroes WoW is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best fun experience around. Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features for the players.

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Top 2 on our list top 3 best Wow private server is WoW-Mania server.

We are the most stable and lag-free private WotLK server in the UK, with custom content and a top of the line hardware. WoW-Mania is run by professional developers and technicians to ensure the best all-around gaming experience. Our team is made of dedicated and passionate individuals who professionally creates and maintain every single aspect of the game.

Come join us and relive the glory of the Wrath of the Lich King days at its best. Meet up with old friends or make new ones. We are a truly global community with over 53 different countries represented among our players. With a 99% uptime we are already UK's top WoW private server, and we won't stop there. Our target is to give you the best WotLK server in the world. We are here to stay! We are a rapidly growing community and we welcome all players of any ages, new or experienced alike. Ask our players what they think of us.

We pioneer a totally new concept among private servers, where our players are encouraged to get involved with the server's decisions and features giving them a sense of ownership. Participation unheard of in any other server.Join our cross-faction world chat in-game and ask the players and the GMs why they love playing with us.Enjoy our Free Mount at level 10, open chat between factions, custom content, arena open to all levels, all Heirlooms available through our Playtime Reward System (including weapons). This is a major help while levelling main or alt characters.We also provide a series of services for getting players to higher levels even faster and start enjoying dungeons, 10 and 25-man raids.

We also offer in-game Character Services (race, name and faction change), shop for gold, mount or vanity items with instant delivery. After receiving some incredible footages from our players in instances and raids, each one bragging about their in-game feats anot to mention their filmmaking skills we decided to make it official on top 3 best WoW private server.

Entries can be posted on our forums or sent directly to us via skype or email. You can vote for your favorite videos on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Top 3 on our list top 3 best Wow private server is Firestorm Wow server.

A lot of your feedbacks were concerning the shop, in order to add more items or to give more importance to vote points. We've worked a lot to rework our shop so that you'll get more items, and also more things to buy with your vote points! The new shop will be available Thursday the 10th during the afternoon. This update will add many weapons, armors, crafting reagents, and new mounts! We also increased the ilevel of items in the shop, especially with the pre-made characters which are now getting better items! All prices will increase, but since we're adding a lot of new items you'll have many different ranges of prices. A lot of items will now be available with vote points, even the services about characters! 
Our goal is to reward players who vote for us, and to prevent the ingame economy to be affected be the shop, that's why we raised the prices of golds or crafting reagents of top 3 best WoW private server. The current shop was looking like a "fun server shop" with low prices but with a low amount of items. We could not keep the realms up with this economy, so we have decided to become a bit more "free to play" like, without being pay to win. With our recent recruitments and our team constantly expanding, we need more and more resources in order to be able to keep Firestorm running! 
With the release of the Foundry, we're also adding a long awaited feature! A PvE leaderboard with a guild ranking! The ranking will be available on our website! As soon as you'll kill a boss with your guild, you'll automatically register the kill into our database and you'll be granted some PvE points! This ranking will also be available on Highmaul, so be prepared to rush Highmaul since we did not log old kills! More informations will be given about the guild ranking in an other news, but we hope that It'll give more value to our PvE content and bring some competition!   
Find the top 3 best WoW private server of 2016 for you and play!

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