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Top 3 best Minecraft private server

Top 1 of top 3 best Minecraft private server is Mineplex Minecraft private server.

Last news from Mineplex Minecraft private server:

Hello friends! Everyone here on the Mineplex team is excited for 2016 and the new content that we have lined up for you. While we get ready for all of that new stuff, we have a bit of a general update for you guys today, taking care of miscellaneous things that we've wanted to work on for a while.

The big ticket item in this update is a feature that's been much requested by you, the community, for Gladiators: starting today you will be able to edit the order of your hotbar in the lobby before the game starts. I know a lot of you have requested this feature, I hope it aids you in your battles!

Holiday Cleanup:

♦ Removed Christmas Decorations ♦ The Elves are now on vacation in Hawaii ♦ Disabled Christmas Chaos and Snow Fight ♦ Removed the ability to purchase Winter Holiday Chests from the store and in game ♦ Clans Alpha Update

Hey all Syclone here, so myself and the Clans team have been hard at work over the holiday break scurrying around working on various fixes and features with the odd break for a mince pie or two! We have a new Alpha update that fixes some issues but please do keep on giving the feedback as top 3 best Minecraft private server. We understand currently in closed Alpha not all players have access but rest assured when we release Beta, Clans will be open to all players and have even more exciting features added!

We have also jam packed a ton of fixes in this release! For the full changelog and feedback thread, click here. Be sure to let us know what you're looking forward to the most in 2016!

Top 2 of top 3 best Mineceraft private server is Hypixel Minecraft private server!

Last news from Hypixel Minecraft private server

Mojang recently released an update to Pocket Edition with the addition of 3D skins. The Hypixel PE developers quickly went into action and updated our network to 0.13.1 with support for 3D skins! This update fixed the "Invalid skins" issue many of you were experiencing. Leaderboards Each game on PE now has it's own leaderboard. You can see the top players on the network!

Bug Fixes: Over the last few weeks we have been tweaking HyCheat, the PE servers anti-cheat system, to detect hackers on the network more efficiently. This is something we are always working on. 1. Build battle spawn under map issue has been fixed. 2. Lots of bugs have been fixed throughout our minigames. 3. If you find any issues let us know by posting in our bug report forum section.

The Hypixel Build Team have been very busy working on new maps for you guys to enjoy. 14 new maps to be precise! Smash Heroes is a brand new minigame available to play now on the Hypixel PC server as Top 3 best Minecraft private server. In Smash Heroes, you become one of many unique heroes and unleash devestating attacks in a Team or Solo battle for ultimate domination. Can you SMASH your rivals out of the arena before they smash you?

Features include: ♦ 11 colourful characters available to unlock, each with their own unique blend of havoc-wreaking abilities ♦ Charge up your Ultimate Skill, or unleash it instantly by grabbing the Smash Crystal ♦ Battle across 8 maps designed by our build team: experience the overgrown ruins of Grove, the childhood playroom of Toybox, the ancient wonders of Luxor and more! ♦ Play SOLO against 3 adversaries, or partner up in our chaotic TEAMS mode.

To all our players & staff - Happy New Year!

2015 was the most successful year of Hypixel yet, let's take a look back at some stats shall we? At the start of 2015, we had 12,000 players logging onto the server at peaktimes. Just this month we surpassed 43,500 on PC and 19,000 on PE - leaving a combined total of over 62,000 players on both platforms.

In 2015, we did a whooping 66 newsposts on the frontpage! The majority of which were major updates for our players! Stylee created this awesome thread where you can view links to each update done by month!

The admin team grew considerably, what started as around 10 or so admins at the start of the year has grown now to 40! Meaning that we can deliver more and more content to you guys as well as a better service :)!2015 also saw our attendance to Minecon, Arcadiacon and Insomnia events, providing a chance for us to have met many of you in person :)! See below for a bunch of other stats on how we as a community are doing!

Top 3 on our top 3 best Minecraft private server is Omega Realm Minecraft private server..

Last news from Omega Realm Minecraft private server

2016 is here, let's look back on 2015.

2015 has been a very eventful year for Omega Realm, and probably one of it's most defining years throughout it's 3 year lifespan. The growth of this server has been incredible, when I first became a part of the Omega Realm team in October of 2013 this server would only reach around 60 players, it was a massive decline from the peaks of 2,000 players it would see with our previous partnership at our former sister server, Minecraft Superior Gaming.

2014 came along and we were hitting player records as an individual, standalone server, reaching 1000 players a couple of times, back then we thought that this was great, however as partly a result of demotivation and incompetence we dropped quite a bit, Omega went to peak 500 players for that is Top 3 best Minecraft private server at our busiest hours and the quality of our servers dwindled. We also launched our Arcade, to much hype, however as with all of our other minigames it eventually dwindled, and was soon axed from the network.

Things were looking down, we went through complications with ddosing, hosting providers, and more. 2015 came along and gave us a chance to recoup, to sit down and decide what exactly is going wrong, how can we improve on this, and make the server meet what it's truly capable of. We compeltely redid most of the server's backend configuration - we were suddenly able to handle hundreds of people in each of our servers without running into as many issues as before, we began taking suggestions from the community on what to do with the server, we remodeled our Universe, KitPVP, and Prison servers to improve their overall quality and playability (we still have more plans for you, Universe! ;) ). We introduced sought-after servers such as Survival, giving players a place to go if they just want to enjoy Minecraft. We have been steadily working our way to securing Omega Realm as a good place to play, we saw our player peaks go from 500 to OVER 1,000 people! (We hit a peak of 1,300 players this year - that's incredible to us).

Omega's community has shone brighter than ever before, our community events bring out the teamwork, and fun competition that allows us to bond with each other. Even through our darkest moment this year, the compromising of our forum, you were all accepting of our mistake and worked together to rebuild this community website to its former glory. So, I can safely say, 2015 has been a great revival of Omega Realm.

We hope 2016 will be even better, we have even more plans to make this server a fun place to be, and improve on our existing servers, as well as introduce a few new ones. We're very excited to see where the server will head over the next year as Top 3 best Minecraft private server.

Thank you all so much for supporting Omega Realm, and holding with us through dark times, and good times, while we finally get Omega to the place where it deserves to be. We couldn't do it without you! Here's to another year, thanks for reading.​

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